High-frequency welded pipe is a spiral high-frequency welded pipe made of strip steel, which is generally extruded at high temperature and welded by an automatic double-wire front and back arc welding process. The strip is cold-rolled by several rolls and slowly rolled, resulting in a round finishing tube with an opening gap, and the thinning amount of the extruded roll is adjusted to carry out electric welding.

If the gap is large, the proximity effect will be reduced, the vortex heat will be insufficient, and the welded crystals cannot be well fused, resulting in non-fusion or cracking. If the gap is small, the proximity effect will increase, and the welding and heating value of electric welding will be too large. , resulting in the ignition of the weld, or the extrusion of the weld to produce pits, which affects the process performance of the weld. After the two edges of the finishing tube are heated to electric welding and welding temperature, the extrusion roller If the extrusion pressure of the high-frequency welded pipe is small, the total number of crystals will be very small, and the compressive strength of the welded metal material will be reduced, resulting in Cracks, if the extrusion pressure is too high, the molten metal material will be squeezed into the weld, which will not only reduce the compressive strength of the weld, but also cause a large number of internal and external vibration lines, resulting in repeated welds and other shortcomings.

In the whole forming process, the thick steel plate is well-proportioned, the residual stress is small, and the surface is not scratched. Pipes, especially in the case of small and medium diameter thick-walled pipes, have incomparable advantages in other processes, and can meet the large demand of customers for high-frequency welded pipe specifications and models.

The selection of excellent front and back arc welding can keep the welding and welding in a good position, and it is not easy to appear edge offset, welding and welding errors, incomplete welding seam and other phenomena, and the welding and welding quality is easy to control. 100% products for high-frequency welded pipes Quality inspection, reasonable inspection and network monitoring of the steel pipe production process, to reasonably ensure product quality, the machines and equipment of the production line have the function of connecting with the computer data acquisition system, which can quickly maintain the transmission of data.

What are the advantages of high frequency welded pipe?

Compared with seamless pipes, the production of high-frequency welded pipes has the characteristics of strong continuity, high efficiency and low cost. The proportion of welded pipes in the entire pipeline is also increasing. The production of high-frequency welded pipes has the advantages of production efficiency and economic benefits. No pollution, low noise, no waste water and waste gas, circulating water cooling is used in production, saving manpower, and a single shift needs 5-8 people.

In terms of use, with the rise of welded pipe welding and quality and non-destructive testing, the use of welded pipes has become more and more popular, gradually replacing seamless steel pipes, and the growth rate of welded pipes is faster than that of seamless steel pipes.

High frequency welded pipe technology has advantages in many aspects, and has wide adaptability to pipe blank material and steel pipe specification and size. High frequency welded pipe can not only improve the welding speed, but also obtain welds with small heat affected zone and good burning through.
The high-frequency welded pipe unit can normally produce heterosexual pipes and produce more square and rectangular pipes at the same time. Because square and rectangular pipes have large section modulus, they can bear large bending force, save a lot of metal, save processing time and reduce the weight of components. Therefore, they are widely used in all aspects of industry and agriculture


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